President Trump, preparation for the second run and probably nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize-analysis

On the occasion of assassination of general Qasem Soleimani, the commander of Quds Force- a division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of the Islamic Republic of Iran, by the US military forces in Bagdad, Iraq on Friday, January the 3rd, 2020.

Since the first day President Trump has entered the White House, he has worked hard for the American people to see that he is a man of action and not just of talk.

President Trump has managed to fulfill some of his most important election promises during his first term in the White House. He has succeeded in boosting the economy by, for example, giving free hands to the coal industry. He has protected the jobs and created several job opportunities by imposing duties on import materials. He has really lost the United States aid to various countries and a number of international organizations. He also does his best to build some kind of wall to stop ”Mexican criminals, and rapists” from entering the United States. And last but not least, he does everything he can to rein in North Korea and Iran. In any case, he wants the American people to look at his time at the White House in this way. In all likelihood, so are his followers and some others will see him the way he wishes.

In fact, he hasn’t done much. But that’s not at all the way Americans look at his efforts. Let’s take a closer look at his accomplishments so far. Custom duties against European countries were more than just a harsh rhetoric for the domestic audience. We know today that nothing happened on that front. President Trump, however, appears to be a strong leader in front of his people against ”the Europeans who have been exploiting the United States for years”. Tariff against China has also not resulted in any concrete gain for the United States, as China strongly threatens to answer with the same coin.

No wall has been built and probably never will be. What counts is that President Trump, with a ruthless tone, wants to get through an agreement to build some kind of wall, in some parts of the US-Mexico border. If it doesn’t, President Trump can always explain to his supporters that ”evil forces within the US” put an end to his plans for this. However, he has succeeded in gaining momentum on the economy. Dollar is stronger today compared to a few years ago. Through the coal industry and by stopping aid (withdrawn from several international agreements) and losing military activities, he has succeeded in improving the economy.

What happens to the climate in the long term? What happens to the economic imbalance in the world in the long term? What happens to poverty and the unjust economic distribution in the world? How to deal with climate disasters that are becoming more and more? How to overcome the refugee disaster that will be more and more? The Trump administration is closing its eyes on these issues as they are protectionists. They do not care about these issues. What is important to them is the short-term win that applies. And it seems that they will get what they are looking for. Unfortunately, this is also how the world economy works.

At the international arena, as part of his foreign policy, he has had two theatrical meetings with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un to limit North Korea’s nuclear weapons development and its long-range robot defense program. North Korea, as many times before through a political maneuver, has managed to fade the Trump administration’s rhetoric. Today, they continue with their missile developments the same as their nuclear weapons ambitions. The tone however in Washington and with President Trump is that an agreement has been reached with Kim Jong-un that makes the world a safer place to live in.

The US government, with Trump at the forefront, has also sought to put the reins on the Iranian government by first stepping out of the nuclear deal and then embarking on extensive financial sanctions that actually put the Iranian people on their knees. The purpose is to get the Iranian administration to come to the negotiation table to show, like North Korea, through a couple of theatrical meetings, the domestic audience that they also have control over a barbaric regime like the Iranian. It turned out that, in the Iranian case, it was more difficult to get the Mullahs to come to the negotiation table. The latest spectacle has then been that the United States chooses to eliminate one of Iranian generals, Qasem Soleimani, who played a key role in the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, to name a few. This also as a further attempt by President Trump to pull the Iranians on the negotiation table. His tweet immediately after the assassination of general Qasem Soleimani that ”Iran has never won a war but has never lost a negotiation” was a clear signal that ”hey, guys, come on, let’s talk a little and we both will get big wins on that.

President Trump does not want war. The Mullahs do not want war either. There will be no war. Both Americans and Iranians are tired of participating in wars and sacrificing their young men and women (often from the working class) in order for their leaders to rule and live their lives. Today, Iran is on its knees financially and does not have the popular support to start a full-scale war. The US regime knows that it has no mandate from its elected officials, nor the popular support to re-enter a war. President Trump is not ”genetically” a hard-liner. He is a businessman who ultimately only wants to make financial profits. The Mullahs are also not ”genetically” a warrior. As soon as they understand that the bottom is reached, and their existence is in danger, they will back from their positions. That’s exactly what Ayatollah Khomeini did by ”drinking up the poison” and putting an end to the war between Iran and Iraq in the late 1980s when they knew that there was no economic or military power at all to continue to war. Let me remember that this Ayatollah Khomeini had always used to say that “you will fight until you win back Jerusalem”.

The Iranians are likely to strike back militarily in one way or another. It will probably be a very limited and isolated attack to show only its supporters both in the country and in the region that the murder of general Qasem Soleimani was avenged. They will most likely also approach the Trump administration to negotiate a deal. This is in order to ease the financial penalty. If Mullahs come to the negotiating table, Trump will declare with noise and trepidation that he has succeeded in neutralizing the most dangerous evil in the world. He even more secures his chances for re-election. It can even be completely in order to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Even here, like the North Korea case, nothing will really happens, but for the domestic audience, Trump appears to be a forceful leader worthy of governing, and of course a full-fledged Nobel Peace Prize candidate when, with his efforts, the world has become a safer place to live in. Ja, we are living in such a world.

© Samuel E. Rajeus, Editor

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, January 5th, 2020


Pavlovs hundar

#Bryt tystnaden-doktorer!

Tema: Alfaindividers alfamotståndare

Föreläsare: Dr. Simon Nordin

Plats: Aula Magna, SU, Stockholm

Tid: fredagen, den 19 januari 2018

Det var först efter Dr. Nordins vinterprat i P1 2017, inspirerad av Metoo-rörelsen, som doktorers situationer fick nationell uppmärksamhet.

Aula Magna var fullpackad med 1394 åhörare som förutom sittplatserna hade intagit trapporna och raderna längs bak på föreläsningssalen. Rörelsens Bryt tystnaden- doktorers arbetsgrupp hade bjudit in mer än 500 doktorer och doktorskandidater från hela landet vilka hade skrivit till rörelsen och rapporterat om trakasserierna på sina respektive institut i samband med sina forskarutbildningar.

”Jag har ingen forskning med vilken jag kan backa upp det som jag vill berätta för er idag. Det är bara mina egna erfarenheter. Detta är dock, anser jag, ett mycket intressant forskningsområde, d v s, att forska på de som forskar. Jag kan tänka mig att det finns en mycket stark motvilja bland dessa forskare som medveten motarbetar en sådan forskning.

Det finns tyvärr en stor grupp kandidater till forskarutbildningar som sållas bort metodiskt av professorerna redan innan de får en chans att komma in och visa vad de går för. En grupp elimineras bort då det inte finns plats för alla. Den andra gruppen är egentligen de som har, i många fall, bättre meriter jämfört med de som blir antagna. De kommer inte in för att de inte har någon kontakt (släkt/vänner) och inte etablerat i förväg någon kontakt med en institution eller en professor. Många av dessa doktorander som blir antagna är släkt till andra forskare/professorer som bereder platser för dessa sökanden in i forskarvärlden. Här pratar jag om de doktorsprogram där man kan få en doktorandtjänst. I de forskningsprogram såsom matematik, fysik eller kemi där vi inte har så många sökande för doktorandtjänsterna tar instituten in många utländska doktorander som med slavliknande ersättningar gör grovjobbet för sina professorer. Institutionerna kan då fortsätta få anslag för sina forskarutbildningar. Det finns också otaliga exempel på dessa doktorander vilka försökte göra sin röst hörd för ett antal år sedan, men utan större lycka.

Den andra gruppen är den grupp som blir antagna i doktorsprogram men ingår i den kategorin som ska trakasseras till max för att de inte ska lyckas. Man får fråga sig varför det ska vara på det viset. Har institutionen inget intresse att de ska bli klara och gå ut som färdiga doktorer? Svaret är kort och gott, ”nej”. Varför är det så? Ja, ingen institution vill få en stämpel på sig om att det är så enkelt att få en examen därifrån. Ponera att en institution antar 10 studenter för ett program, på avancerad nivå. Det blir en skandal och tummen nedåt för denna institution om alla 10 klarar programmet och får sin examen i den tidsram som är uppsatt för programmet. Jag kan dra en parallell med en gymnasieskola. Om en klass som har 20 studenter producerar 15 A och 5 B då blir läraren med största sannolikhet kallad till rektorn och ifrågasatt om att varför man delar ut så slapphänt så många A-betyg och B-betyg. Även om det kanske just i denna klass finns bra studenter. Läraren måste hålla sig inom den ram som finns. Skolan vill inte heller få ett rykte om att det är lätt att få A-betyg på denna skola. Det är liknande direktiv som råder på våra universitet och högskolor. Jag såg med mina ögon hur institutionerna motarbetade och rent kriminellt trakasserade mina klasskamrater på flera avancerade program för att de inte skulle klara sig i tid. Låt mig ta ett exempel. I mitt senaste program fick 5 studenter mycket hjälp av sina handledare att bli klara i tid. Det är också ett minustecken för en institution ifall ingen kommer att få sin examen i tid. 4 fick kämpa som dårar mellan 1 och 3 år för att få sin examen och 3 är fortfarande, efter cirka 5 år inte klara med sin examen. De troligen hoppar av programmet som är också institutionens syfte. Institutionen gör inget försök att de ska komma tillbaka och slutföra sina studier. Man är glad att de inte fullföljer sina studier. Det är inte bra heller för en institution där alla får sin examen. Det kan också vara tecken på släpphänthet.

Min poäng här är att det spelar ingen roll hur engagerad och duktig du är som student. Om de bestämmer sig för att du inte ska bli klar i tid eller i värsta fall, om de bestämmer sig för att du inte ska bli klar överhuvudtaget då blir du inte det. Det är där diskriminerings-, psykopatiskt- och till och med kriminellt tänkande kommer in. Man använder sig av sådana subtila metoder att ingen kan ifrågasätta dem och man fortsätter med denna omänskliga metod ofta i en sluten krets som är mycket svårt att penetrera.

Doktorskandidaterna som utsätts för denna behandling tröttnar till sist. De hoppar av programmet. De drar sig tillbaka. Detta är så starkt förknippad med så mycket skam. Man väljer, i bästa fall, ett stillsamt och tillbakadraget liv och jobb där i princip ingen som ser en. Man fortsätter att lida i åratal i det tysta. Jag känner personligen ett tiotal doktorskandidater från läkarprogram, psykologprogram, tandläkarprogram, sociologprogram som tvingades att ge upp efter många år kämpande och lidande.

Det finns ytterligare en grupp som till slut blir klara med sin doktorsexamen men hela processen blir som ett trauma för dem. Man utsätts för enorma och ogrundade ifrågasättande kring sitt forskarprojekt och man får absolut ingen hjälp av sin handledare. Handledare i princip intar rollen av en ”bödel” som gör allt för att sänka sin student. Många av dessa individer som klarar sin examen på det viset blir traumatiserade och får svårigheter att föra fram ett balanserat privat- och arbetsliv. Även här känner jag flera läkare, psykologer och sociologer med en doktorsexamen som har varit sjukskrivna i långa perioder, varit tvungna att jobba som timanställd eller inta deltidspositioner. Man orkar inte, av olika anledningar, att arbeta heltid. Man undervisar en kurs på något universitet eller arbetar då och då som konsultläkare. Vi ser tyvärr att självmordsantalet bland dessa doktorer är högt. Igen, det här är ett mycket viktigt forskningsområde att se om det finns ett samband mellan dessa självmord och det trauma de tvingade genomgå under sin doktorsutbildning. Jag personligen känner 5 doktorer (läkare, tandläkare, psykolog och sociolog) som begick självmord de senaste 10 åren.

Det finns ett enkelt och allmänmänskligt redskap som jag vill prata om här. Under min utbildning betonade lärarna gång på gång att mottagandet av en patient med genuin respekt och värme är enorm viktig för att skapa allians och för att uppnå ett bättre behandlingsresultat. Det innebär att man med respekt och mellanmänsklig värme (bemötande) skapar en bättre grund för att sedan med psykologiska tekniker hjälpa patienten att ta itu med sina problem och fungera bättre i den omvärld han/hon befinner sig. Det är detta Anna Kåver, bland annat, betonar i sin bok Allians, Den terapeutiska relationen i KBT. Jag tror starkt på att det måste vara samma princip som ska gälla relationen mellan en student och dess lärare/handledare. Ett lärosäte ska genom genuin respekt och mellanmänsklig värme (bemötande) skapa en solid grund för att studenterna ska kunna ta till sig kunskap och lyckas även bättre som kliniker. Det är så enkelt att fatta detta. Ansvariga tänker inte på detta enkla faktum när det gäller de studenter de vill ska misslyckas. Lärosätenas suveränitet och goda rykten är överordnad studenternas hälsa och studielycka.

Dessa individer som på det viset hamnar i marginalerna blir helt ensamma och lider i sin ensamhet. En Alfaindivid som presterar på denna nivå och kommer upp på den högsta akademiska nivån, nämligen en doktorsutbildning, och sedan får liksom en kniv i ryggen av andra alfaindivider har egentligen ingenstans att ta vägen. Skammen är så stor. Man lider i det tysta. Man väljer ofta att inte tala med någon. Även om man talar om det då är det inte många som lyssnar. Andras inre dialog kan vara: ”är du så duktig att ta dig upp på den nivån så får du också lösa det lilla bakslaget själv, det råder egentligen ingen nåd på dig”. Man känner sig helt ensam och övergiven av omgivningen. Visa individer blir till och med glada (skadeglädje) att en människa med så höga ambitioner har fått en spark i magen eller ett slag i ansiktet. Jag tror att det är därför många förblir traumatiserade efter en sådan erfarenhet. Man lyckas aldrig att återhämta sig fullt ut, då man inte talar om det. Man får egentligen aldrig en behandling. Låt mig igen citera Anna Kåver som säger att ”en stor del av människans psykiska ohälsa kan härledas ur olika brister i bemötandet, både under uppväxt och i vuxenliv”. Det dåliga bemötandet av institutionerna som pågår i många år ökar risken att individen drabbas av psykisk ohälsa. Det blir en medveten handling att göra människor sjuka. Det är kriminellt.

Även om institutionerna rättfärdigar dessa trakasserier och diskrimineringar under namnet ”forskning” tycker jag att det är helt idiotiskt att hålla på med detta. De långgående konsekvenserna av dessa handlingar skapar en fientlighet bland doktorer. Den bromsar vetenskapen i sin strävan efter nya vägar att hjälpa mänskligheten och den försämrar den vård vi erbjuder vårdtagare eftersom det inte finns en anda av samarbete bland doktorerna. Vi ser idag hur doktorer motarbetar och idiotförklarar varandra både inom och mellan professionerna. De flesta har absolut ingen respekt för varandra. Det kan förklaras med det bemötande de fick av sina överordnade (andrar doktorer) under sina utbildningar.

Okej, jag ska strax ta emot några frågor, men innan, låt oss stå upp och applådera, låt mig säga, 45 sekonder, för alla dessa alfaindivider som har kämpat så tappert och blev motarbetat så omänskligt av sina överordnade, men de väljer att leva och inte vill ge upp.”

Hela Aula Magna står upp och applåderar kraftfullt i 45 sekunder. Det är mäktigt att se detta och veta att man blev till sist hörd.

”Låt mig ta en fråga från den raden som står längs bak i salen. De som kanske aldrig fick en plats i den främsta raden. De som kanske valde att aldrig ta en plats i den främsta raden. Okej, den äldre herren med den blåa hatten som står mellan två damer med kjolar i regnbågsfärger vilka står under den svenska flaggan som hängs på väggen, varsågod!”

Swedish Democrats, SD, the true face of Sweden? / Analysis


Swedish Democrats, SD/ Sverigedemokraterna, the true face of Sweden?/ANALYSIS

As a non-religious person and opposed to religious laws, regardless if they are Islamic, Christian or Jewish, I must say that there are interpretations of religions that are extreme and damaging people. Groups with extreme views, exploiting religious faith and values to achieve their immoral and often criminal goals, such as seizure of power and economic gains. The obvious example is how Hitler and the Christian church made use of Christian values in order to neutralize millions of good-hearted Europeans to the calm and quiet in order to be able to exterminate millions of Jews. Hitler and the Christian church did not have to worry about a mass uprising. I see just how some groups make use of Islamic faith to achieve their criminal goals. For me this has nothing to do with Islam or Christianity. It is an interpretation that some groups are making. But there are other interpretations that are very humane. Similarly, I see that the Swedish Democrats are exploiting the effect of global recession on Swedish financial system, people´s lack of knowledge, and their fear of Islam, Muslims, Africans, immigrants, non-Europeans to pick political and financial gains which they have successfully get through too.

Foreigners have not impaired the economy of Sweden. Members of the Government are not a bunch of fools (not the majority of them anyway) who do not know what to do. They know exactly what they are doing. If they do not take in refugees into the country, or if they do not grant residence permits to several thousand individuals in Sweden every year, they know and we know that Swedih population will decline and Sweden will be a desert island in 200/300 years. In addition, for every 20 years old immigrant Sweden to grant a residence permit, it will instantly gain millions of crones. Think how much the state pays for a child that is formed from the first second in her mother’s stomach until he/she is 18 or 20 years old. Sweden pays millions of crones until a child reaches adulthood. It provides residence for a young individual and pays him/her up to three to five years until he/she learns the language, getting into high school or taking a vocational training.  After this period the individual starts working and paying taxes and he/she serves the wealth of the Swedish society. Imagine how much Sweden and the Swedes win on every individual it is granting residence permits. Although a number of percent of these immigrants become ill, criminals and end up in the margins, the state knows that it will win big in the long run.  Swedish Democrats know very well that it’s so. SD’s MPs are not idiots who do not get it. They are in dead very intelligent individuals with a clever but criminal brain that try to fool simple people to get votes, leading to political and economic gains for them.

SD is only 5% of the Swedish population with voting rights. I know that there is a hidden racism and discrimination of a broad approach in Sweden. But there are millions of Swedes who are kindhearted and on the same side as we are. You have to find those who are good and to distance from those who are wicked and think as SD but say nothing and keep up a semblance to mislead. And I know from experience that many of those bad individuals (Swedes and foreigners) have systematically been recruited and are working on the Immigration Service, at courts, at schools and universities, in social services, in police departments and other organizations that work with immigrants in order to make life more difficult for them and in order to push them down as much as possible. There are them who are extremely dangerous and there are them that I dislike.

The financial situation and the Social Democratic labor party are major reasons for this distrust among Swedes. Social Democratic Party today is not the party that built the country and the welfare state of Sweden. The Social Democrats in the last 20/30 years have been a bunch of arrogant individuals who were affected by power corruption. They were thinking that no one could shake them. That is why they did basically what they wanted with the country. Similarly, I think, if Conservatives / Alliance concludes that they are safe for a longer period of time, they will destroy the welfare altogether and harm millions of Swedes who are a bit lower in the economic order. The latest social democratic Prime Minister Göran Person was rather a Moderate in the social democratic costume which damaged both the country and the confidence of the working class. It takes many years and hard work to get people’s trust back. Mona Sahlin seems to be on track to build a caring leadership, together with other parties and eventually win people’s trust back. It will take many years. The Social Democrats had become so arrogant that they would not let any other party in the government and ruled it as no one could pull them down from the throne. This is not the case anymore thanks to the Swedish people.  But they have a huge responsibility that we have a right-wing government in Sweden for such a long time. They are also responsible that we have Swedish Democrats in Swedish parliament.

I have not been at a polling station in ten years and just this year I decided to go and vote because I did not want to give Swedish Democrats a chance with my non- taking position, but sitting at home itself is a taking position. Anyway it is good that the Swedish Democrats are in parliament. This shows that Sweden is not better than Belgium, France, Denmark and many other European countries. Sweden can no longer hides itself behind a false facade.

Samuel E. Rajeus / Editor / SERP



The internal and external locus of control is a psychological theory meaning that people used to put the control of what is happening in their lives within outside or inside themselves. They act, react and even feel in different ways based on where they put (usually subconsciously) their locus of control. As a matter in fact people move between the two of them all the time and depending on where they put their focus – internal and external- they will be able to deal with different situations differently.

By internal locus of control it means that an individual has a belief system with which s/he will be capable of managing different tasks and giving herself or himself credit for managing it. The individual simply believes that s/he has control over her/his destiny. A person with an external locus of control has instead a belief system, thinking and believing that others are better than her/him, and that s/he has just been lucky to manage with a task. The individual simply believes that s/he has no control over her/his destiny.

The risk for depression will be higher if an individual with just an external locus of control puts in a difficult situation where s/he is not managing with all tasks s/he is giving to, or not receiving the amount of positive feedback s/he is needing in order to feel good and function normally. In the opposite the risk for depression will be much lower if a person with more internal locus of control puts in a stressful situation with less or no receiving positive feedback. In such a case the psychological well-being drops but the individual is less likely to end up in a pathological mental mode. The individual needs just to take measures to get back to her/his normal psychological status.


© Samuel E. Rajeus


Doktorsprogrammet i psykologi_PSY11_AU



Gabriel Garicia Markez

Gabriel García Márquez (Gabo) 1927-2014
Theory of mind, ability (inability) to feel what the other feels.
Even the big ones (marquez) as the small ones come and go.

Hear ye!

Yes, I mean you.

You know who you are.
In fifty years, none of us, in all likelihood, is here on earth.

So why so much arrogance?
Why so much ignorance?
Why so much exercise of power?
Why so much pride?
Why so much idiocy?
Why so much attack?
So much bitterness
and aggression?

The big ones have come and gone.
The little ones have also come and gone.
You and I are not exempt.

Who do you think you are?
So why so much idiocy?



Samuel E. Rajeus, 04/18/2014, Stockholm, Sweden 

”What a fucking scam I am!”


He saw him every morning who was sitting on a piece of cardboard, slumped in multiple layers of grayish and dirty clothes outside Liljeholmens subway station.

He did not look at people. He could not raise his eyes and observe passersby. Then he raised his eyes he looked people with empty eyes. He looked sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes revenge hungry, sometimes murderous. He looked particularly forlorn. He seemed as old as him.

Every time he bent over his plastic bowl to throw down some coin he thought: what a fucking scam I am earning thousands of dollars each month and donate a few bucks for these street beggars who often are the same age as me who do not have, unlike me, a chance for a decent life.




Gospel of Mattew, verse 26:52 / Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was not even happy when I saw the clips when Gaddafi was captured and killed later. I smiled not even inside. It was a sad day for me. However, I am glad that a madman is gone from power.

Violence begets violence. He and his henchmen had murdered thousands of dissident Libyans and damaged the country for several decades.

Violence begets violence, but there is nothing to rejoice over.

9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, boooooooooooooom


The slowdown has started for those who kept a WORLD in captivity for decades.

The slowdown has started for those who kept a COUNTRY (Iran) in captivity for decades.

The slowdown has started for those who kept a NATION in captivity for decades.

The slowdown has started for those who kept a RELIGION in captivity for decades.

The slowdown has started for those who kept THEMSELVES in captivity for ever.

Oslo and Utöya


The photo: Place: Hässelby Kyrka. Photographer: Farida Razai Rajeus

I do not remember how many times I got a lump in my throat and could not speak after the massacre in Norway. The pain had been enormously after the senseless conduct performed by a human being who killed many innocent human beings.

I often think that this world disgusts me and the feeling becomes even stronger when innocent people in for example Norway, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia or the United States lose their lives. ”Man is the wildest animal on the planet,” is another phrase I use often. But the ability to love again and see the joy in eg child´s eyes allows me to come back and love life again and not lose hope for a better world.

That is why I have posted happy videos of my daughter on the internet when life seemed unbearable. One way to deal with the pain.

A beautiful rose to each of the innocents who lost their lives in Oslo and Utöya.




The people of Libya were protesting for a living and a dignified life. All they wanted was a better life.

He attacked his own people with heavy fighter jets and battle tanks, killing thousands of them without concern. And

the people – the dissatisfied, the poor and the young -defended themselves with simple weapons.

Now it’s his turn to taste the heavy artillery attacks by the world community to know how it feels to be at a disadvantage.

The international community has once again taken its responsibility to defend a people from the violence of a madman who forcibly appointed himself to the leader.

Although United Nations – Convention came a little late but better late than never.