The aftermath of post-election turmoil in Iran/Swedish activity

Now a day you hear a lot on local radios in Stockholm about demonstrations and different activities regarding post-election turmoil in Iran. Some people are angry because when they call for a meeting they may see nobody comes or just some few people show up. You can see of course that when some others call for a gathering that a few hundreds show up. Different groups are running different agenda about their political moves, but being apposed and calling the other groups, who can gather more people as individuals who are working with Mullahs or supporting Mossavi in Iran and marking them as they want to keep and save Islamic Republic and accusing them that they just want a political reform in Iran is just non-sense. Why? because political activities are looking very different in different stages and right now having a totally non-violence agenda in order to fight against fundamentalistic Mullahs who are running the country is the best way of taking the movement to the higher or to the next level. Because we know of history that Iranian regime is a barbarian one that can completely break down any movement in Iran if it takes its approach to a change by choosing a more aggressive and lets say “arms” one.

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