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On the occasion of Günter Grass: What must be said, in The Guardian 

Günter Grass has right without any doubt.

Both Iranian and Israeli regime engage in criminal activities against other nations and sometimes against their own people. There is a double standard in the region when treating countries that have a good relationship with the US compared with the countries with a problematic relationship with the US and the West. It is indeed a fact.

I still believe that international community must do everything in its power to remove the barbarian Islamic regime of Iran that caused an enormous suffering for its own people in decades and it is a danger to the countries in the region and a threat to the world.



Dedicated to the Nobel Laureate in literature Wislawa Szymborska

Operation: Survival (2)

It was her courage
Her desire to help
Her refusal to become victim
Her look forward and not backward
Her desire to live
(despite a difficult childhood and even traumas)
Her talent to write
The ability to laugh
The ability to love
The ability to grieve
What was the explanation for her successful life.