Those rich honor keepers
Are believers among other
White bearded and big stomach
Men who give order to their
Daughters to listen to the God´s word
And hide their faces behind a veil
But they in the same time have four
Wives and “a good relationship with
The woman in the neighborhood too”

Those large honor keepers
Are rich God´s men among others
Who sit in their stores from
Morning to evening and mix
Hundreds tommans rice with five
Hundreds tommas rice and sell it
To people for five hundred tommans

Those religious honor keepers
Believe that they can commit
Any criminality if they just can cry
Some tears at a religious ceremony
While they wear black suit and give
Away some money to house of God

Those real honor keepers
Are religious women who
Go to religious ceremony regularly
And give God feasts every month
To show their jewelry, dresses and
Other means to other false women
Those powerful honor keepers
Send other ordinary people´s children
To war and those youngsters get murdered
While they in the cities keep their disgusting

Those bloodthirsty honor keepers
Put in prison young men and women of
Fine people and execute them in order to
Keep their own honor that never existed
Those monstrous honor keepers are
Those most dishonored human beings
In the history



 I don´t know where to go with this sorrow! Aylan, 3, experienced only war in his entire life and could not be saved.


Where will you go

When your heart is longing?


Who will you talk with

When your heart is in pain?


Where will you go

When the world feels like a cage?


What will you do

When your body has no space for your soul anymore?


What will you do

When your heart is under pressure from every direction?


What will you do

When staying is not allowed?

When staying is not an option?

When leaving is your only choice?


Who will you talk with,

Where will you go

When  you feel a tremendous longing?


Lilly called her mom

and cried a lot.


Lisa argued with her man

and left her house.


Mats went to the town

and got arrested for a fight.


Martin wrote his painful

farewell letter and ended his life.


Mathias called me and

came home to me that time.


I went to see my doughter.


© Samuel E. Rajeus _Shadows, Collections of poems

ISBN 978-91-977393-1-3



When there were no immigrants

they directed their aggression against their compatriots

who were Jews,

who had a different faith.

They were born in Germany.

They had the same language as other Germans.

They had no country other than Germany.

But they were killed in millions of their own countrymen.

When there were no immigrants

they directed their aggression against their compatriots

who was traveling people,

who had a different ethnicity.

They were born in Sweden.

They had the same religion as Swedes.

They had no other country than Sweden.

But they were isolated, castrated and harassed

in tens of thousands of their own countrymen.

When there were no immigrants

they directed their aggression against their compatriots

which were Roma,

who had a different ethnicity.

They were born in Romania.

They had the same religion as Romanians.

They had no other country than Romania.

But they were/are treated like animals and were killed

in hundreds of thousands of their own countrymen.

When there were no immigrants

they directed their aggression against their compatriots

who were black,

who had a different socio-economic status.

They were born in the United States.

They had the same religion as other Americans.

They had no other country than America.

But they exploited as slaves for years

and when they were not needed anymore, they were

killed in hundreds of thousands of their own countrymen.

But now there are immigrants

that they can direct their aggression towards.

They have another color.

A different race.

Another religion.

They come from a different country.

What will they do with them?



These stupid white men

always find scapegoats.

These stupid white men!

© Samuel E. Rajeus, December 13, 2014


Antony Hapkins



When the world was on fire in an unjustified war,

When the friends were gone, lost, in a meaningless battle,

When the mom had no tears to fall after years of crying,

When the pain was just unbearable,

When the pain was just unbearable,

The MUSIC was his salvation.


© Samuel E. Rajeus, December 09, 2014



The Obama administration believes that it is not important to save the city of Kobane. They are willing to allow the city to fall. White House is thinking long term and strategic to eliminate the Islamic State, IS, they say.

Turkey stands and observe without reacting because Turkey believes that the Kurds had been their enemies for decades and it’s good that they weaken. Instead of taking this opportunity by responding forcefully and thus starting a genuine reconciliation with the Kurdish people chooses the Islamic government of Turkey to help IS by not doing anything.

The United States´ sporadic and non-sufficient airstrikes is just grandstanding. Both the United States and Turkey pick political and military points if the two sides which are contrary to each other in Kobane eliminate or weaken each other.

What these countries do not care about are the thousands of innocent individuals who are already on the run, those who lost everything. It is also a fact that thousands of innocent men, women and children have been raped and murdered by the Islamic State, IS, so far, but for the United States, it is not strategically important to save Kobane.

America and Turkey, with their non-taking action in Kobane-issue are unfortunately alongside with IS in the genocide which is taking place in the region in these very moments.


The sky is dark blue, ah

The horizon is full of blood

In a terrifying battle

There is silence, just silence


In the river’s blood

In tears of heart-blooding mothers

There is silence, just silence

The smell of blood

For hundreds of terrifying explosions in KOBANE

There is silence, just silence

A heavy silence

A criminal silence

A felonious silence

Widespread worldwide

A numb world

A lost world

As rude and indifferent

Watching and not acting

There is no voice

No chants

No one in the world who asks why

In spite of a seventeen-years-old voice

A Malala who questions

There is silence, just silence

The sky is dark blue

The sun is sad in KOBANE

The beautiful girl

In her house

With her teddy bear

In her arms

Torn into hundreds of pieces

Drowned in her blood.

fallen comrades

far away

Abandoned on the streets

In the burned city in war

The girl with long hair

With a bullet in the head

Sad and pale

On our city streets

The frozen city at war

Sings about the longing

Sings about the suffering

Despite so much brutality

Despite so much crime

Despite the massacre and the cruelty

Despite the groans and the screams

Despite the tears and the blood

There is silence, just silence

There is silence, just silence


Samuel E. Rajeus_Stockholm_10 October 2014




Samuel E. Gladding_Professor of counseling psychology


” I think that while feelings may draw us toward a partner, shared experiences keep us with that person. The reason is that romantic love is mainly in our heads and based on fantasy. It lasts about 24 months. On the other hand, memories based on experiences last a lifetime. If I am doing something with my partner, especially if it is pleasurable, when I remember it I will feel good about what happened and be reinforced to interact with that person again. Thus, playing together can lead to staying together.”

Samuel T. Gladding, professor of counseling psychology




Be careful

about the moments

the bad, but the lasting moments

lasting sometimes for a whole life

in your careless act of not dealing with them.


Be careful

about the moments

the good and lasting moments

lasting always for a whole life

even your attempts to make them

will last for a whole life.


Be careful

about the moments

in those we are alive

in those we fall in love

in those we get hurt

in those we are alone

in those we pass away


Be careful

about the moments

the bad, but lasting moments

the good, and lasting moments


Be careful

about the moments.


From: ”Shadows, collection of poems”, 2008, SERP / ISBN 978-91-977393-1-3

Samuel E. Rajeus, P. 131





Those who feel lost

Take every opportunity, if they feel they got some power,

Abusing their position and bully others

@ Samuel E. Rajeus, Stockholm, 5/10/2014


Gabriel Garicia Markez

Gabriel García Márquez (Gabo) 1927-2014
Theory of mind, ability (inability) to feel what the other feels.
Even the big ones (marquez) as the small ones come and go.

Hear ye!

Yes, I mean you.

You know who you are.
In fifty years, none of us, in all likelihood, is here on earth.

So why so much arrogance?
Why so much ignorance?
Why so much exercise of power?
Why so much pride?
Why so much idiocy?
Why so much attack?
So much bitterness
and aggression?

The big ones have come and gone.
The little ones have also come and gone.
You and I are not exempt.

Who do you think you are?
So why so much idiocy?



Samuel E. Rajeus, 04/18/2014, Stockholm, Sweden 


Jackie Ferm participated in ”Paradise Hotel, Sweden” in 2009. She argues in her book that she was exploited by MTG TV in particular, that has encouraged her to sex. She had sex first night in front of the cameras and became the winner of the program after 40 sections. From Metro/Stockholm 25/03-14

Silicon boobs

Barbie girls





Lots of petting

Lots of pampering

Lots of fucking

Sex before cameras

Sex before thousands

Of viewers

Wild parties

Dancing and drinking

Even crying




500,000 crones, of course

A kind of prostitution?

A luxury one (3)


Paradise bordello



Madiba, 18 juli 1918 – 5 december 2013

Is it possible to suffer so many years when it was
not any hope at the horizon
To be harassed, discriminated,
tortured and prisoned
And still remained a
good-hearted person?

Is it possible to fight for peace,
freedom and democracy
For a better world so many years,
and losing the best years of his life behind bars

And still think
like a human being?

Is it really possible to be a loving leader
With the ultimate political power
And million of fans behind him
And even though step down and
Give his position to others?

Is it possible that a human being
Can be so good, so good?

The answer is: 46664.


P 25 / Shadows, collection of poems ISBN 978-91-977393-1-3