I don´t know where to go with this sorrow! Aylan, 3, experienced only war in his entire life and could not be saved.


Where will you go

When your heart is longing?


Who will you talk with

When your heart is in pain?


Where will you go

When the world feels like a cage?


What will you do

When your body has no space for your soul anymore?


What will you do

When your heart is under pressure from every direction?


What will you do

When staying is not allowed?

When staying is not an option?

When leaving is your only choice?


Who will you talk with,

Where will you go

When  you feel a tremendous longing?


Lilly called her mom

and cried a lot.


Lisa argued with her man

and left her house.


Mats went to the town

and got arrested for a fight.


Martin wrote his painful

farewell letter and ended his life.


Mathias called me and

came home to me that time.


I went to see my doughter.


© Samuel E. Rajeus _Shadows, Collections of poems

ISBN 978-91-977393-1-3


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