Regarding the Russian aggression in Ukraine /// Photo: Is Free Will an illusion?

A basic truth, among the few basic truths, should be that every individual has the right to decide over his own destiny and every country has the right to its sovereignty, that is, the right to free will. In practice, this free will is only an illusion, a dangerous one. The German sociologist and philosopher Jürgen Habermas believes that a secularized state power should decouple justice from the good in order to protect all its citizens ”regardless of ideas about the cosmos and the structure of society”.

The justice, in the case of Ukraine, is to be able to decide whether they want to be a sovereign nation with the right to be with NATO. And that the state does everything to safeguard and maintain its sovereignty, even if this would require the bloodshed of tens of thousands / hundreds of thousands of innocent lives or an economic loss of hundreds of billions of dollars. The good, however in the case of Ukraine, could have been that the secular state did everything to protect every member of society, regardless of ”ideas about the cosmos and the structure of society”.

Let’s take a few examples. The justice should be that Hong Kong should have the right to its sovereignty, which means that the Hong Kong people themselves choose through a democratic referendum whether they want to be with China or not, the same applies to Taiwan, Kurdistan, Somaliland, and also the people of the Donbas. The good, in all these cases, should be that those in power do everything so that their members are not harmed.

In fact, free will is only a harmful illusion, even if it is absolutely a fair idea. Unfortunately, we are very much influenced by ideas about the cosmos and the structure of societies. Russia considers the Ukrainian people to be historically an extension of the Russian people without, in principle, emphasizing their desire to be an independent nation. The same goes for Hong Kongers and Taiwanese who are overwhelmed by ideas about the cosmos and the structure of societies through the Chinese state, which sees them as an extension of the Chinese people, without caring a bit about justice, that is, what the nations themselves want. If we adhere to free will and justice, we will then witness extensive wars with enormous human and economic suffering that will affect our entire ecosystem as a planet. But if we act on the basis of the good, then we do everything to ensure that innocent people are not harmed.

There is an old Kurdish saying that goes: ”your neighbor is closer to you than your cousin”. The Ukrainian government completely ignored the fact that they have a neighbor who possesses one of the world’s greatest military powers, which is also governed by a totalitarian and dictatorial group that does not even hesitate to murder its own people, its own citizens who oppose the regime. The Ukrainian government naively trusted the United States, across the Atlantic, and ignored its strong and crazy neighbor for justice. We see the result of this policy in the loss of tens of thousands of innocent lives and a devastating economic catastrophe, such as an inevitable impact on the entire planet. The Ukrainian government could choose a different policy based on the good. It was known that the time was not right for NATO membership. One could then create a very close and nice relationship with the ”brother people” Russia and wait until the time was ripe for a NATO membership. It might take decades before the time was right, but it would have been worth the wait, instead of this carnage.

We historically see that acting on the basis of good and not having the illusion of free will and justice has worked in the past. The Federal Republic of Germany became a united nation when the time was ripe in 1990, more than 40 years after Germany was divided into West Germany (BRD) and East Germany (GDR). The unification took place after decades of political talks between the great powers, the United States and Russian Federation. The two countries were eventually able to reach a consensus on the merger. The Federal Republic of Germany was formed without a drop of blood being spilled. Had this unification been forced when the time was not ripe, we would have risked a bloodbath with hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of deaths and destruction without its equal and perhaps a new world war. Free will does not exist. One must be able to adapt, both as an individual and as a nation, in a hostile environment, surrounded by wild animals (humans) in order to survive. I’m thinking of America’s latest move. Attempts were made to use Finland and Sweden to draw them into the conflict with Russia by offering the countries to quickly apply for NATO membership. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson ignored the idea of free will and justice and based her decision on the good, ie to protect the Swedish people by rejecting the offer of a NATO membership.

An example of another nation that ignored the idea of free will and justice is Nicaragua under the rule of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), led by José Daniel Ortega Saavedra. Daniel Ortega was president of Nicaragua between 1985 and 1990. The counter-revolutionary forces (Contras) with the full support of the United States created many problems for the country through terrorist attacks and explosions and more. The United States threatened to attack Nicaragua from neighboring countries by supporting a military takeover of Nicaragua via Contras. Free will and justice did not exist. It was a powerful enemy, the United States, that dictated the terms through its economic sanctions and military actions. Daniel Ortega then thought of the good, ie to save his people from a bloodbath and the already very poor country from a total economic misery. He chose, very wisely, to let the US-backed Violeta Barrios de Chamorro win the election and become Nicaragua’s president. Through this initiative, Daniel Ortega managed to keep his party as the second largest political force in the country without supplying the country with a bloodbath. He succeeded in regaining power when the time was ripe many years later.

Yes, in the best worlds everyone’s existence should be based on free will and justice, but we are not even close to the best worlds. The human being is, by nature, still the wildest animal that ignores free will and justice. It requires an adjustment in order not to go under.

© Samuel E. Rajeus, Editor, S.E.R.P. & Publishing // Stockholm, March 19, 2022


Regarding President Trump’s statement on the stolen election victory and the siege of the Capitol in Capitol Hill on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

In the last US presidential election, President Trump lost by a margin of 4 million votes to Joe Biden. More than 70 million Americans voted for him. He steadfastly claims that he has received more votes than Joe Biden. And that Biden was declared the winner due to extensive cheating. Despite countless attempts and appeals to various US courts and pressure on various Republican governors and senior Republican leaders, ie people with key positions within Trump’s own party, within electoral authorities in various states, Trump failed to prove that there had been widespread electoral fraud. Several election observers and staff within the electoral authority later announced, including many from the Republican Party, that the recent presidential election had been conducted democratically and safely. However, Trump claims that there has been extensive cheating and it is the thieves who have declared themselves the winners. Note that there are millions of Americans who completely agree with him, even though no evidence has emerged at all that there was widespread electoral fraud.

In fact, American democracy, despite all its shortcomings, is one of the best democracies in the world. The various democratic institutions observe and monitor each other in a democratic spirit. This makes it impossible for a small group with political, economic and even military resources to pursue its own agenda and create a dictatorship as we see in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. The question is why so many millions of Americans listen and believe what Trump says without there really is any evidence for what he claims.

We see clearly that President Putin has millions of supporters in Russia. We see clearly that President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party have millions of supporters in the country. And so it is with all other oppressed countries. Having so many millions of supporters and being able to mobilize a fraction of them is enough to create a dictatorship. That is exactly what President Trump has tried to test by inciting thousands of his supporters to storm the Capitol and see if it is possible to harm American democracy. He has previously mentioned Putin and Kim Jong-un several times as respectable and powerful leaders worthy of reverence. His desire is to be able to operate like them and to lead a country like theirs.

President Joe Biden should think seriously and take into account the 70 million who voted for Trump. There is certainly a reason why so many are so dissatisfied who vote for a critical voice. Although this critical voice has its own agenda and does not want to improve the living conditions of the people. This is exactly what happened in Germany when Hitler and his party were able to take power. There were millions of poor Germans who were dissatisfied. Hitler channeled a fraction of these poor to his own gain. He used democratic and parliamentary means to seize power . When he was in power then, he first sent to the front the millions of loyal supporters who were killed in the war. The leaders, such as, Hitler and his economic and military elite had lived in luxury until the last second of World War II. Trump and his staff of economic and military elites are undoubtedly very smart individuals with economic, political, and military resources who always send, in most cases, poor and even in some cases criminals to the front for their own gain. I saw pictures of those who stormed the Capitol. Judging by the pictures, I saw people from the very lowest in society and people with perhaps their own political / racist agenda who ravaged so contentedly in the congress halls.

Just assume that someone like Trump could arm 2 million of the 70 million who voted for him. American democracy, then, without no doubt will fall into disarray. This is exactly the case with dictatorships such as Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and more. They have armed a few millions of their countrymen and provided them with basic necessities of life and then they were ordered to kill their own countrymen who were protesting against injustices and wanting a more tolerable life. That is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. A small group of highly intelligent people took power by taking the elite with them. They then armed a couple of million poor people and created a special unit. Then it was no time for German democracy to win back the country through parliamentary attempts. Although Hitler had absolutely a fraction of the Germans behind him, he managed to set the whole world on fire and cause between 50 and 60 million deaths. Trump tried to see if he could shake American democracy. The fact that he fired his secretary of defense and his attorney general resigned at the end of Trumps days in the White House was a sign that he had also thoughts of a military coup, similar to Hitler’s takeover, which General Mark Milley also suspected and prepared his military colleagues for. Trump definitely did not succeed in fully staging his plans. However, he later announced that he and his supporters are at the beginning of ”the fantastic journey”. President Joe Biden and the US government must really think carefully and take the over 70 million dissatisfied people who voted for Trump seriously.

The same goes for the whole world. Today we see many racist and populist governments in power in Europe. It is undoubtedly the winds of the Third Reich that are blowing again. If we do not take the threat seriously, we will pay a high price for it, again.

©Samuel E. Rajeus, Editor, S.E.R.P. & Publishing

Tampa, Florida, 01/16/2022

President Trump, preparation for the second run and probably nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize-analysis

On the occasion of assassination of general Qasem Soleimani, the commander of Quds Force- a division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of the Islamic Republic of Iran, by the US military forces in Bagdad, Iraq on Friday, January the 3rd, 2020.

Since the first day President Trump has entered the White House, he has worked hard for the American people to see that he is a man of action and not just of talk.

President Trump has managed to fulfill some of his most important election promises during his first term in the White House. He has succeeded in boosting the economy by, for example, giving free hands to the coal industry. He has protected the jobs and created several job opportunities by imposing duties on import materials. He has really lost the United States aid to various countries and a number of international organizations. He also does his best to build some kind of wall to stop ”Mexican criminals, and rapists” from entering the United States. And last but not least, he does everything he can to rein in North Korea and Iran. In any case, he wants the American people to look at his time at the White House in this way. In all likelihood, so are his followers and some others will see him the way he wishes.

In fact, he hasn’t done much. But that’s not at all the way Americans look at his efforts. Let’s take a closer look at his accomplishments so far. Custom duties against European countries were more than just a harsh rhetoric for the domestic audience. We know today that nothing happened on that front. President Trump, however, appears to be a strong leader in front of his people against ”the Europeans who have been exploiting the United States for years”. Tariff against China has also not resulted in any concrete gain for the United States, as China strongly threatens to answer with the same coin.

No wall has been built and probably never will be. What counts is that President Trump, with a ruthless tone, wants to get through an agreement to build some kind of wall, in some parts of the US-Mexico border. If it doesn’t, President Trump can always explain to his supporters that ”evil forces within the US” put an end to his plans for this. However, he has succeeded in gaining momentum on the economy. Dollar is stronger today compared to a few years ago. Through the coal industry and by stopping aid (withdrawn from several international agreements) and losing military activities, he has succeeded in improving the economy.

What happens to the climate in the long term? What happens to the economic imbalance in the world in the long term? What happens to poverty and the unjust economic distribution in the world? How to deal with climate disasters that are becoming more and more? How to overcome the refugee disaster that will be more and more? The Trump administration is closing its eyes on these issues as they are protectionists. They do not care about these issues. What is important to them is the short-term win that applies. And it seems that they will get what they are looking for. Unfortunately, this is also how the world economy works.

At the international arena, as part of his foreign policy, he has had two theatrical meetings with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un to limit North Korea’s nuclear weapons development and its long-range robot defense program. North Korea, as many times before through a political maneuver, has managed to fade the Trump administration’s rhetoric. Today, they continue with their missile developments the same as their nuclear weapons ambitions. The tone however in Washington and with President Trump is that an agreement has been reached with Kim Jong-un that makes the world a safer place to live in.

The US government, with Trump at the forefront, has also sought to put the reins on the Iranian government by first stepping out of the nuclear deal and then embarking on extensive financial sanctions that actually put the Iranian people on their knees. The purpose is to get the Iranian administration to come to the negotiation table to show, like North Korea, through a couple of theatrical meetings, the domestic audience that they also have control over a barbaric regime like the Iranian. It turned out that, in the Iranian case, it was more difficult to get the Mullahs to come to the negotiation table. The latest spectacle has then been that the United States chooses to eliminate one of Iranian generals, Qasem Soleimani, who played a key role in the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, to name a few. This also as a further attempt by President Trump to pull the Iranians on the negotiation table. His tweet immediately after the assassination of general Qasem Soleimani that ”Iran has never won a war but has never lost a negotiation” was a clear signal that ”hey, guys, come on, let’s talk a little and we both will get big wins on that.

President Trump does not want war. The Mullahs do not want war either. There will be no war. Both Americans and Iranians are tired of participating in wars and sacrificing their young men and women (often from the working class) in order for their leaders to rule and live their lives. Today, Iran is on its knees financially and does not have the popular support to start a full-scale war. The US regime knows that it has no mandate from its elected officials, nor the popular support to re-enter a war. President Trump is not ”genetically” a hard-liner. He is a businessman who ultimately only wants to make financial profits. The Mullahs are also not ”genetically” a warrior. As soon as they understand that the bottom is reached, and their existence is in danger, they will back from their positions. That’s exactly what Ayatollah Khomeini did by ”drinking up the poison” and putting an end to the war between Iran and Iraq in the late 1980s when they knew that there was no economic or military power at all to continue to war. Let me remember that this Ayatollah Khomeini had always used to say that “you will fight until you win back Jerusalem”.

The Iranians are likely to strike back militarily in one way or another. It will probably be a very limited and isolated attack to show only its supporters both in the country and in the region that the murder of general Qasem Soleimani was avenged. They will most likely also approach the Trump administration to negotiate a deal. This is in order to ease the financial penalty. If Mullahs come to the negotiating table, Trump will declare with noise and trepidation that he has succeeded in neutralizing the most dangerous evil in the world. He even more secures his chances for re-election. It can even be completely in order to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Even here, like the North Korea case, nothing will really happens, but for the domestic audience, Trump appears to be a forceful leader worthy of governing, and of course a full-fledged Nobel Peace Prize candidate when, with his efforts, the world has become a safer place to live in. Ja, we are living in such a world.

© Samuel E. Rajeus, Editor

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, January 5th, 2020

Swedish Democrats, SD, the true face of Sweden? / Analysis


Swedish Democrats, SD/ Sverigedemokraterna, the true face of Sweden?/ANALYSIS

As a non-religious person and opposed to religious laws, regardless if they are Islamic, Christian or Jewish, I must say that there are interpretations of religions that are extreme and damaging people. Groups with extreme views, exploiting religious faith and values to achieve their immoral and often criminal goals, such as seizure of power and economic gains. The obvious example is how Hitler and the Christian church made use of Christian values in order to neutralize millions of good-hearted Europeans to the calm and quiet in order to be able to exterminate millions of Jews. Hitler and the Christian church did not have to worry about a mass uprising. I see just how some groups make use of Islamic faith to achieve their criminal goals. For me this has nothing to do with Islam or Christianity. It is an interpretation that some groups are making. But there are other interpretations that are very humane. Similarly, I see that the Swedish Democrats are exploiting the effect of global recession on Swedish financial system, people´s lack of knowledge, and their fear of Islam, Muslims, Africans, immigrants, non-Europeans to pick political and financial gains which they have successfully get through too.

Foreigners have not impaired the economy of Sweden. Members of the Government are not a bunch of fools (not the majority of them anyway) who do not know what to do. They know exactly what they are doing. If they do not take in refugees into the country, or if they do not grant residence permits to several thousand individuals in Sweden every year, they know and we know that Swedih population will decline and Sweden will be a desert island in 200/300 years. In addition, for every 20 years old immigrant Sweden to grant a residence permit, it will instantly gain millions of crones. Think how much the state pays for a child that is formed from the first second in her mother’s stomach until he/she is 18 or 20 years old. Sweden pays millions of crones until a child reaches adulthood. It provides residence for a young individual and pays him/her up to three to five years until he/she learns the language, getting into high school or taking a vocational training.  After this period the individual starts working and paying taxes and he/she serves the wealth of the Swedish society. Imagine how much Sweden and the Swedes win on every individual it is granting residence permits. Although a number of percent of these immigrants become ill, criminals and end up in the margins, the state knows that it will win big in the long run.  Swedish Democrats know very well that it’s so. SD’s MPs are not idiots who do not get it. They are in dead very intelligent individuals with a clever but criminal brain that try to fool simple people to get votes, leading to political and economic gains for them.

SD is only 5% of the Swedish population with voting rights. I know that there is a hidden racism and discrimination of a broad approach in Sweden. But there are millions of Swedes who are kindhearted and on the same side as we are. You have to find those who are good and to distance from those who are wicked and think as SD but say nothing and keep up a semblance to mislead. And I know from experience that many of those bad individuals (Swedes and foreigners) have systematically been recruited and are working on the Immigration Service, at courts, at schools and universities, in social services, in police departments and other organizations that work with immigrants in order to make life more difficult for them and in order to push them down as much as possible. There are them who are extremely dangerous and there are them that I dislike.

The financial situation and the Social Democratic labor party are major reasons for this distrust among Swedes. Social Democratic Party today is not the party that built the country and the welfare state of Sweden. The Social Democrats in the last 20/30 years have been a bunch of arrogant individuals who were affected by power corruption. They were thinking that no one could shake them. That is why they did basically what they wanted with the country. Similarly, I think, if Conservatives / Alliance concludes that they are safe for a longer period of time, they will destroy the welfare altogether and harm millions of Swedes who are a bit lower in the economic order. The latest social democratic Prime Minister Göran Person was rather a Moderate in the social democratic costume which damaged both the country and the confidence of the working class. It takes many years and hard work to get people’s trust back. Mona Sahlin seems to be on track to build a caring leadership, together with other parties and eventually win people’s trust back. It will take many years. The Social Democrats had become so arrogant that they would not let any other party in the government and ruled it as no one could pull them down from the throne. This is not the case anymore thanks to the Swedish people.  But they have a huge responsibility that we have a right-wing government in Sweden for such a long time. They are also responsible that we have Swedish Democrats in Swedish parliament.

I have not been at a polling station in ten years and just this year I decided to go and vote because I did not want to give Swedish Democrats a chance with my non- taking position, but sitting at home itself is a taking position. Anyway it is good that the Swedish Democrats are in parliament. This shows that Sweden is not better than Belgium, France, Denmark and many other European countries. Sweden can no longer hides itself behind a false facade.

Samuel E. Rajeus / Editor / SERP



The Obama administration believes that it is not important to save the city of Kobane. They are willing to allow the city to fall. White House is thinking long term and strategic to eliminate the Islamic State, IS, they say.

Turkey stands and observe without reacting because Turkey believes that the Kurds had been their enemies for decades and it’s good that they weaken. Instead of taking this opportunity by responding forcefully and thus starting a genuine reconciliation with the Kurdish people chooses the Islamic government of Turkey to help IS by not doing anything.

The United States´ sporadic and non-sufficient airstrikes is just grandstanding. Both the United States and Turkey pick political and military points if the two sides which are contrary to each other in Kobane eliminate or weaken each other.

What these countries do not care about are the thousands of innocent individuals who are already on the run, those who lost everything. It is also a fact that thousands of innocent men, women and children have been raped and murdered by the Islamic State, IS, so far, but for the United States, it is not strategically important to save Kobane.

America and Turkey, with their non-taking action in Kobane-issue are unfortunately alongside with IS in the genocide which is taking place in the region in these very moments.


The sky is dark blue, ah

The horizon is full of blood

In a terrifying battle

There is silence, just silence


In the river’s blood

In tears of heart-blooding mothers

There is silence, just silence

The smell of blood

For hundreds of terrifying explosions in KOBANE

There is silence, just silence

A heavy silence

A criminal silence

A felonious silence

Widespread worldwide

A numb world

A lost world

As rude and indifferent

Watching and not acting

There is no voice

No chants

No one in the world who asks why

In spite of a seventeen-years-old voice

A Malala who questions

There is silence, just silence

The sky is dark blue

The sun is sad in KOBANE

The beautiful girl

In her house

With her teddy bear

In her arms

Torn into hundreds of pieces

Drowned in her blood.

fallen comrades

far away

Abandoned on the streets

In the burned city in war

The girl with long hair

With a bullet in the head

Sad and pale

On our city streets

The frozen city at war

Sings about the longing

Sings about the suffering

Despite so much brutality

Despite so much crime

Despite the massacre and the cruelty

Despite the groans and the screams

Despite the tears and the blood

There is silence, just silence

There is silence, just silence


Samuel E. Rajeus_Stockholm_10 October 2014




The internal and external locus of control is a psychological theory meaning that people used to put the control of what is happening in their lives within outside or inside themselves. They act, react and even feel in different ways based on where they put (usually subconsciously) their locus of control. As a matter in fact people move between the two of them all the time and depending on where they put their focus – internal and external- they will be able to deal with different situations differently.

By internal locus of control it means that an individual has a belief system with which s/he will be capable of managing different tasks and giving herself or himself credit for managing it. The individual simply believes that s/he has control over her/his destiny. A person with an external locus of control has instead a belief system, thinking and believing that others are better than her/him, and that s/he has just been lucky to manage with a task. The individual simply believes that s/he has no control over her/his destiny.

The risk for depression will be higher if an individual with just an external locus of control puts in a difficult situation where s/he is not managing with all tasks s/he is giving to, or not receiving the amount of positive feedback s/he is needing in order to feel good and function normally. In the opposite the risk for depression will be much lower if a person with more internal locus of control puts in a stressful situation with less or no receiving positive feedback. In such a case the psychological well-being drops but the individual is less likely to end up in a pathological mental mode. The individual needs just to take measures to get back to her/his normal psychological status.

© Samuel E. Rajeus


Doktorsprogrammet i psykologi_PSY11_AU



Nahid* is a forty years old woman living in Sweden since the eighties. She has a job, is married and has three children. Her parents and siblings are living in her home country. Her relationship with her husband is based on respect, she emphasizes. In her whole life here in Sweden but also in her home country she has felt a sense of missing and sadness that she has been trying to manage in different ways. She cannot find an explanation for the way she is feeling. She made herself busy by raising her children in Sweden. She learned the language and got into the labor market. Thus, her most meningful tool that made her to go on living in forty years was her strong belief in God. The problem is that she is feeling that even this tool is loosing its power the older she gets

A friend of her at work who has a closer relationship with Nahid recommends her to see a psychiatrist who too speaks her language which makes it easier for Nahid to talk about her thoughts and feelings. She finally decides after quite a while hesitation to book an appointment with the doctor who is specialist in adult psychiatry and also a licensed psychotherapist. The doctor is too a woman and in the same age as Nahid is.

It is her first meeting and Nahid is trying to explain for the doctor that she has been feeling down in her whole life and can not feel any joy for anything. The doctor asks her about how she could go on living after all these years having this feeling?

Nahid´s explanation is spontaneous and she says:

– I think my strong belief in God could save me.

The doctor interrupts her quickly and says with an overtone:

– Hum, Do you really think that God is looking at you from the above and taking care of you, lady? Forget it. All these talks about God are just bowl sheet. The religion is taking advantage of people like you. Wake up.

It has not gone more than ten minutes of the session. And Nahid has absolutely no confidence in the doctor. She is seeing the doctor for the first time, also with a huge skepticism about the psychiatric health care. The only common denominator between them is that both are women and both are coming from the same country.

Nahid starts shaking, getting sweaty in her body and in her palms. She has just difficulty to manage her rage. She stands up and says:

– You are an idiot. I do not want to talk to you any more.

And she leaves the clinic.

The doctor who feels very assaulted gets so mad that she issues a medical letter and gives order to a nurse to call the police and report that Nahid is an unstable individual who threatened to commit suicide and left the doctor´s office in rage and without permission. She pointed out for the police that Nahid must be arrested and be taken to an inpatient psychiatric unit as soon as possible.

A half an hour later police is behind her door. In spite of Nahid´s denying suicidal thoughts and suicidal plans and her giving gathered impression they took her in front of her husband´s astonishment and her daughter´s terrifying eyes to an inpatient psychiatric center in a Stockholm suburb for an evaluation.

When she arrives with a police car and two policemen, she just cries and cries. She is shaking and it is difficult to calm her down. Later she explains that she was thinking in her way to the unit that we will force her to take lots of pills and inject her with lots of heavy drugs and when she refuses to take more we will lie her in belt. She has no previous experience of psychiatric care and all of this is just a horrifying scenario and a trauma for her. A nightmare.

She explains for on duty psychologist about what was happened at the doctor´s office and why she just interrupted the session and did not want to talk to her any more. It was because of doctor, questioning her belief system rudely and without any reservation, a belief system that has saved her for so many years. The psychologist interviews her for an hour and runs some questionnaires. He can not find any serious disorder with Nahid. Later comes a physicion and reviews the psychologist´s report. He goes in to Nahid´s room and talks to her for about half an hours. The final report from the inpatient psychiatric unit in Stockholm Suburb shows no sign of psychiatric dysfunction and no sign of suicidality.

Nahid can finally go home at 9:30 pm that evening. Neither her husband nor her daughter could talk to her for more than four hours since she was taking in by the police and waiting for the final report from the psychiatry. There were some very tough hours for the whole family, nevertheless for Nahid.

Nahid tells that she never told her man and her children about her having sad thoughts and about that noting makes her happy. That she never told her parents and her siblings that she feels down and life is kind of heavy for her. Her explanation for not telling them is that she does not want to burden her family and that she feels ashamed and is worried to be marked as a mental case. However, this is going to be big news at home and it will be difficult for her to explain for the family about why she was picking up by the police and taking into a “madhouse” in Stockholm.

When the taxi is here to take her home I recommend here warmly that she tries to find a good therapist in order to be able to talk about her thoughts and her feelings.

She looks at me with a cutting laughter and says condescending:

– Are you kidding me? I am never going to go a psychologist again (she calls all psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists psychologists). They are all mentally sick.

After having such a experience that Nahid had today I have no chance and no time either to convince her that it is not at all the way she is thinking. And she just had bad luck to talk to a bad or maybe sick doctor.

While she is disappearing at the back seat of a taxi and her silhouette is loosing color into a late and weak lightshades of the August, her sad look stays still before my eyes and her bad experience of psychiatric health personals makes my mind busy.

What is worse than ending up at a sick individual with power on you? If so, much can go wrong, and one´s life course can get a drastic turn. This sick person with power can be your partner, your boss, your parent, sick powerful persons at key positions in a society, and even a sick government.

*Notify that name, age and places are changed in this essay.

Samuel E. Rajeus/Translation from ”I litteraturens Land” page 171,

ISBN: 978-91-979269-3-5


Hassan Rouhani, first row behind Ayatollah Khomeini, Paris, 1978

Hassan Rouhani, a cleric and the new elected president of Islamic Regime of Iran has been a very important and trustworthy key person since the beginning of the Islamic revolution in 1979 and even before that he was a great supporter of Ayatollah Khomaini´s domestic and foreign politics. He has directly and indirectly been involved in many activities that caused an enormous suffering for Iranian people for almost four decades. He has been one of the very crucial players to save the regime in critical situations, such as his latest role as the official in charge of Iran´s nuclear delegation in negotiations with IAEA. His major role right now is to prolong the survival of the Islamic regime for some more years. It is not to lead Iranians out of poverty and depravation.

These so called non-hardliners, such as Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Mohammad Khatami and now Hassan Rouhani, are not capable of saving Iran from cultural, economic, educational and social decadency because of their way of fundamentalist and old-fashioned thinking.

It will be very naive of Obama administration and the governments of Western countries to believe that Rouhani is a moderate figure in Iran´s international policy who will lead Iran in a new and positive direction. He will certainly play a moderate role in Iran´s domestic and foreign policy for the coming four years because there is no other option for the Islamic regime right now. This policy may give Iranians just some relief in their every day lives. But it will not solve Iran´s enormous problems because these groups of people, mostly clerics, who are running Iran, have no capability – neither the necessary knowledge nor the will- to do that.

Samuel E Rajeus, editor, June 16, 2013.



Every country needs its elites in politics, economics, the military and, not least in the scientific field. Governments need their young talent to showcase them to the world. They work systematically to bring in young talent at graduate programs at each institution. And they work systematically at government level for them to have become professors as young.

Are they really that outstanding? Or are they normal talented students as well as thousands of other students? But they will still be chosen perhaps for their contacts, because they are children of people with key positions, or because they are children of people with economic or political power.

Some of them are certainly very talented, but most of these ”gifted geniuses” are needed as window dressing.



SD’s Björn Söder questions the Swedish character of Loreens winning grants. Loreen: ”I’m not here to preserve the culture. Take it and do WHAT THE HELL you want with it.”

She stands barefoot on the scene. She wears no makeup. She wears a simple dress. She sings alone on the scene. The dance and the colors, the darkness surrounding her but also the rays of light on her face and around her all together are sending a strong message. And of course the lyrics are trying to draw attention to important and topical issues. ”I am pleased that the message went through,” she said.