Regarding President Trump’s statement on the stolen election victory and the siege of the Capitol in Capitol Hill on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

In the last US presidential election, President Trump lost by a margin of 4 million votes to Joe Biden. More than 70 million Americans voted for him. He steadfastly claims that he has received more votes than Joe Biden. And that Biden was declared the winner due to extensive cheating. Despite countless attempts and appeals to various US courts and pressure on various Republican governors and senior Republican leaders, ie people with key positions within Trump’s own party, within electoral authorities in various states, Trump failed to prove that there had been widespread electoral fraud. Several election observers and staff within the electoral authority later announced, including many from the Republican Party, that the recent presidential election had been conducted democratically and safely. However, Trump claims that there has been extensive cheating and it is the thieves who have declared themselves the winners. Note that there are millions of Americans who completely agree with him, even though no evidence has emerged at all that there was widespread electoral fraud.

In fact, American democracy, despite all its shortcomings, is one of the best democracies in the world. The various democratic institutions observe and monitor each other in a democratic spirit. This makes it impossible for a small group with political, economic and even military resources to pursue its own agenda and create a dictatorship as we see in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. The question is why so many millions of Americans listen and believe what Trump says without there really is any evidence for what he claims.

We see clearly that President Putin has millions of supporters in Russia. We see clearly that President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party have millions of supporters in the country. And so it is with all other oppressed countries. Having so many millions of supporters and being able to mobilize a fraction of them is enough to create a dictatorship. That is exactly what President Trump has tried to test by inciting thousands of his supporters to storm the Capitol and see if it is possible to harm American democracy. He has previously mentioned Putin and Kim Jong-un several times as respectable and powerful leaders worthy of reverence. His desire is to be able to operate like them and to lead a country like theirs.

President Joe Biden should think seriously and take into account the 70 million who voted for Trump. There is certainly a reason why so many are so dissatisfied who vote for a critical voice. Although this critical voice has its own agenda and does not want to improve the living conditions of the people. This is exactly what happened in Germany when Hitler and his party were able to take power. There were millions of poor Germans who were dissatisfied. Hitler channeled a fraction of these poor to his own gain. He used democratic and parliamentary means to seize power . When he was in power then, he first sent to the front the millions of loyal supporters who were killed in the war. The leaders, such as, Hitler and his economic and military elite had lived in luxury until the last second of World War II. Trump and his staff of economic and military elites are undoubtedly very smart individuals with economic, political, and military resources who always send, in most cases, poor and even in some cases criminals to the front for their own gain. I saw pictures of those who stormed the Capitol. Judging by the pictures, I saw people from the very lowest in society and people with perhaps their own political / racist agenda who ravaged so contentedly in the congress halls.

Just assume that someone like Trump could arm 2 million of the 70 million who voted for him. American democracy, then, without no doubt will fall into disarray. This is exactly the case with dictatorships such as Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and more. They have armed a few millions of their countrymen and provided them with basic necessities of life and then they were ordered to kill their own countrymen who were protesting against injustices and wanting a more tolerable life. That is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. A small group of highly intelligent people took power by taking the elite with them. They then armed a couple of million poor people and created a special unit. Then it was no time for German democracy to win back the country through parliamentary attempts. Although Hitler had absolutely a fraction of the Germans behind him, he managed to set the whole world on fire and cause between 50 and 60 million deaths. Trump tried to see if he could shake American democracy. The fact that he fired his secretary of defense and his attorney general resigned at the end of Trumps days in the White House was a sign that he had also thoughts of a military coup, similar to Hitler’s takeover, which General Mark Milley also suspected and prepared his military colleagues for. Trump definitely did not succeed in fully staging his plans. However, he later announced that he and his supporters are at the beginning of ”the fantastic journey”. President Joe Biden and the US government must really think carefully and take the over 70 million dissatisfied people who voted for Trump seriously.

The same goes for the whole world. Today we see many racist and populist governments in power in Europe. It is undoubtedly the winds of the Third Reich that are blowing again. If we do not take the threat seriously, we will pay a high price for it, again.

©Samuel E. Rajeus, Editor, S.E.R.P. & Publishing

Tampa, Florida, 01/16/2022

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