Those rich honor keepers
Are believers among other
White bearded and big stomach
Men who give order to their
Daughters to listen to the God´s word
And hide their faces behind a veil
But they in the same time have four
Wives and “a good relationship with
The woman in the neighborhood too”

Those large honor keepers
Are rich God´s men among others
Who sit in their stores from
Morning to evening and mix
Hundred-toman-rice with                                                                                                                      five-Hundred-toman-rice and sell it
To people for five hundred tomans

Those religious honor keepers
Believe that they can commit
Any criminality if they just can cry
Some tears at a religious ceremony
While they wear black suit and give
Away some money to house of God

Those real honor keepers
Are religious women who
Go to religious ceremony regularly
And give God feasts every month
To show their jewelry, dresses and
Other means to other false women.

Those powerful honor keepers
Send other ordinary people´s children
To war and those youngsters get murdered
While they in the cities keep their disgusting

Those bloodthirsty honor keepers
Put in prison young men and women of
Fine people and execute them in order to
Keep their own honor that never existed.
Those monstrous honor keepers are
Those most dishonored human beings
In the history

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