To my Mother
The great love in my life
The one who shaped my personality
The one who protected me
And who was my first compass
To the world.

To my Father
That is unable to show
His love by kissing and hugging
Or even talking
But saved my personal stuff and
All photos of my youth and even my school
Backpack and my pens in my little
Closet in his house for more than
Twenty years.

To my Sisters
My great supporters
Who call me often and
I feel that they miss me when
Their voice are shaking

To my Brother
Who is confused
Right now because of
Family problem and share
His story with me by not saying
Anything but just calling often.

To my Daughter
My beautiful daughter
Who takes me with her
To another world
A beautiful world full of
Happiness, full of fun and laugh.

To my unborn Baby
To my 100 grams of pretty human being
Who made me crying of happiness
When I watched its movement on the screen
Who reminded me of strong feeling
Of fatherhood again.

To my Wife
My biggest love
The most beautiful and caring
Woman in the world
Who loves me for who I am and
Does not try to change me
Who is my best friend.

To my Friends
Those who are around me
Even though some of them are living
A thousand miles from me
Those who are with me in my struggle
Who gave me the courage to carry on
And not give up.

The words are not enough
To describe my feelings
And my appreciation for you

Look in my eyes
And read it by yourselves
That I’m blessed and I’m
Grateful to you.

By Samuel E. Rajeus, Stockholm, Sweden, 09-23-2003

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