Gabriel Garicia Markez

Gabriel García Márquez (Gabo) 1927-2014
Theory of mind, ability (inability) to feel what the other feels.
Even the big ones (marquez) as the small ones come and go.

Hear ye!

Yes, I mean you.

You know who you are.
In fifty years, none of us, in all likelihood, is here on earth.

So why so much arrogance?
Why so much ignorance?
Why so much exercise of power?
Why so much pride?
Why so much idiocy?
Why so much attack?
So much bitterness
and aggression?

The big ones have come and gone.
The little ones have also come and gone.
You and I are not exempt.

Who do you think you are?
So why so much idiocy?



Samuel E. Rajeus, 04/18/2014, Stockholm, Sweden 

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