There is this kind of talk that is circulating out there of US skeptics:

”It is the US which has a hand in the unrest of the Arab Revolt.”

”It is the US that has stolen the Egyptian people´s revolution by the Egyptian military.”

”It is the US that has planned and carried out the revolt in Libya to take hold of the Libyan oil and to cut the Libyan support for liberation movements around the world.”

”The US and Western countries are in a deep economic recession and they have started this rebellion to escape from its economic crisis by taking possession of wealth in the Arabian Pennisula.”

Infact, both the former Egyptian and Tunisian governments have been closely allied to the United States and those states  implemented in many cases the US policy in the region. Both Mobarak and Ben Ali have been America´s extended arms for many decades. Althought the Libyan regime and in particular, Golonel Gaddafi has been and worked very closely with, especially in Eruope- Italy, France and Britain- and has been Europe´s close ally in the last ten years.

I do not think that neither Europe nor America really wanted to see any change in these countries, however, the people – the discontented, the intellectuals, the young people – wanted to see a change.

 As long as there is no evidence to allegations circulating out there of the so-called non -pro-Western -activists then you can say that everything they say is just bullshit.

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